since 1825

A family passion

Fond 1 Calvados Boulard Spiritueux Premium 1825 The fame of Maison Boulard originates in the inspiration of one man, Pierre-Auguste Boulard, who founded his prestigious distillery in the Pays d’Auge in 1825. Four generations followed, driven by the desire to push the famous apple eau-de-vie even further. Beyond tradition, beyond the Norman territory, beyond the classical consumption modes, Boulard revisits the calvados to turn it into something subtle and exceptional.
Creation of Maison Boulard

Slide Calvados Boulard Histoire Gustave Boulard Spirit France Petits Points 2 Son of Pierre-Auguste
Great-grand-son of Pierre-Auguste
Pierre Boulard Pierre-Auguste Boulard Founder of Calvados Boulard Lucien Boulard Grand-son of Pierre-Auguste
Vincent Boulard Great-great-grand-son of Pierre-Auguste
Calvados Boulard Histoire Famille Calvados Boulard Histoire Calvados Boulard Histoire Calvados Boulard Histoire Calvados Boulard Histoire

Calvados Boulard Fond Histoire Boulard Calvados Usa A family of international pioneers Boulard Calvados Usa Exportation Boulard Calvados Histoire Familiale Boulard Calvados Spiritueux Premium Boulard Calvados Usa Exportation Mondiale Boulard Calvados Histoire 30’s Calvados Boulard conquers Europe and Africa.
1947 The first crates of Calvados Boulard are sent to the USA, Canada and Scandinavia. Soon after, they will reach Japanese ports.
From the very beginning of the 20th century, Maison Boulard’s fondness for adventure and travels has led it to markets far from France. Throughout the world it has revealed the best of Calvados, this still-confidential and “so French” treasure.

Fond 2 Boulard Calvados Pays Auge 1942 Precursor of the use of double distillation in the region, the Boulard family campaigns for the creation of this appellation in order to promote the distillation method and the unique terroir of the Pays d’Auge region.
Spirit France Petits Points 2 An initiative backed by the Boulard family leads to the creation of the AOC Calvados Pays d'Auge.

Slide Boulard Calvados Hommage Eisenhower 1951 Boulard Hommage Eisenhower Spirit France Petits Points 2 Tribute to Eisenhower
In 1951, Lucien Boulard sends General Eisenhower, commander in chief of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force during World War II, a bottle of Boulard calvados. This bottle of 1910 Calvados Pays d'Auge, sign of the eternal gratitude of the Maison and of a whole country for their liberators, will be warmly welcomed by Ike Eisenhower.

Boulard Calvados Histoire Fond Boulard Hommage Eisenhower Cuvee Ike Boulard Hommage Cuvee Ike Eisenhower Boulard Calvados Pays Auge Extra Hommage Cuvee Ike Eisenhower Boulard Calvados Histoire Fond

Fond 1 In 2014, in remembrance for the 70th birthday of the landings in Normandy, Boulard organized a charity auction to the benefit of the Greatest Generation Foundation. A limited edition “cuvée Ike” of 15 bottles is created at this occasion. The first bottle was given as a present to Eisenhower’s great-grand-son, the second one to American president Barack Obama.

On this occasion, the Greatest Generation Foundation offered Maison Boulard a 49-star US flag carried during the landings, as well as an Ike jacket which belonged to the 44th American regiment in 1944.

Boulard Calvados Fond Histoire 2007 1987 Spirit France acquires Maison Boulard. The Boulard family joins with the Pellerin family, owners of calvados Lecompte.
1995 The Martini & Rossi group becomes the exclusive reseller for Boulard.
Histoire Boulard Histoire Boulard

Slide 12 Barrel Collection Boulard Calvados 2018 Spirit France Petits Points 2 Launch of the
12-Barrel Collection
Faithful to its innovational spirit and its will to bring its brand beyond the frontiers, Maison Boulard launches a series of calvados blends with innovating Finishes.

Slide Calvados Pays Auge Boulard Histoire Presently, Spirit France Petits Points 2 Boulard is the most renowned Calvados Pays d'Auge maison.